The New Cancer in Today's Society

The New Cancer in Today's Society

There’s always two sides to every story including with social media. Social media is now considered the new cancer in today. It is so simple to get lost and create a false virtual reality to become someone who we wish we could be. However, doing this not only makes you yearn to be accepted, but also forms this idea that this false reality is the way your life should be. That is when Social media kills our identity. 

Let’s think about this. As stated before, Social Media is the new cancer, today right? Well let’s briefly discuss how. Just like there are 4 stages of cancer, there are 4 stages of getting lost in social media. 

The 4 stages of Social Media:

  1. Your social media “Identity” begins to develop
  2. You become more dependent on social media for attention
  3. You realize that your social media life & real life have now become one 
  4. At this point, you realize that not only are you addicted, but you are at a point of no return and help is needed.  

If you’re realizing as you’re reading this that this might be you, then you’re in luck. Once you reach stage four, what can you do to help you bring your true sense of identity back? Here are some tips to help you through this journey.

  1. Decrease your daily social media usage – This could be difficult but by limiting your usage, you can start to enjoy your realistic life. 
  2. Go on a fast from social Media – Sometimes a few weeks from social media is needed to get your mind and spirit right. Think of it as a vacation from social media. 
  3. Talk to God more – Taking time away from social media not only gives you your life back but gives you more time to get closer to God.
  4. Remember, it is not real – Although the life you may have formed on social media may have been great, it is still not as great as your true life. 

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