Pushing Through Pressure

Pushing Through Pressure

In this season, whether it is financial, social, emotional, and even mental health, there is so much room for improvement in our personal lives. However, for every feeling of peace and joy, there are twice as many feelings of anxiety, depression, and loneliness. Still, there's one particular emotion that seems to be overlooked this time of the year.

Social pressure can be beneficial when groups are pushing one another to be their very best self, or it can bring about feelings of inadequacy, mental instability, lowered self-esteem, leading to anxiety and depression. Luckily, there's a way out.


There's one thing to keep in mind: life goes on. A lot of times, people become paralyzed by fear of failure and mediocrity, that they overstrain themselves. Social media contributes to this, showing only the highlight reels of people’s lives. Learn to become accustomed to failing forward. True failure is preventing oneself from trying.

Another way to beat the winter blues is by spending some time doing what you love. It's important to remember who are you, and what is important to you. When you discover that, social pressure seems to slowly diminish.

One last method of getting past pressure is seeking advice from wise counsel. Usually the things that we stress over are not nearly as bad as they seem.

The pressures of this world are countless, however we all have a choice in whether we succumb to them or not. I hope we are all able to make the right choice this season.

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