New Beginnings!!

New Beginnings!!

Guess what, you guys?

AUGUST IS HERE! For some, this month is a subtle indicator that school is near and on the horizon. For others, this month is the melancholy declaration that summer is coming to an end. However, for most, this month signifies new beginnings, no matter what the area or platform. Being the eighth month of the year, August is a symbol of change, growth, development, and getting out of that wretched comfort zone!

Even though it seems as though all we did was sneeze and summer’s almost over, that’s no reason to look at August as an omen of some sort or as “the summer killer”. It is literally a brand new chance to do something extraordinary! While on the topic of change and development, it’s important to understand that one cannot change if they do not know who they are changing from.


NEW BEGINNINGS invite the concept of a renewed and improved identity. What is identity? Identity is how one perceives their self, and how they react as an individual from that moment on. It is the pivotal definition from which they receive their overall validation. What is your identity? If you’re well aware of it, how do you use it in your community and environment? If not, what are some steps you feel that you need to take in order to find out what it is?


Take this month, and this season, as an invitation to not only figure out your identity, but to also explore it and use it to the best of your ability.



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