šŸ—£ Move Your Mountain

šŸ—£ Move Your Mountain

Hey family,

Is it ok if I get a little transparent? This week was anything but joyful. Between everything around me going wrong, feeling overwhelmed, depression setting in, and anxiety kicking me while iā€™m down, I wanted to curl up in a ball under the covers and never get out of bed. But, God wouldnā€™t let me. In this same week my wife and I received some of the deepest revelations that will change our lives, our childrenā€™s lives, and our businesses and I heard a low calm whisper in my ear saying ā€œMove your mountainā€ which reminds me of Matthew 17:20 (Iā€™ll let you read it). Listen, Your situation may look crazy but God has given you the final say!! You have the authority to Move every Mountain getting in between you and your promise. PUSH!!


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    Amen! That Mountain will say what took you so long.

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