FAQ's of Christianity

FAQ's of Christianity

As Christians, we spend a lot of time trying to make sense of the many questions that we have about our Christian walk, faith, prayer, and the love of God. We recognize that when these questions arise frequently. Luckily, we've prepared responses for most of the common questions that are asked about Christianity.


Why does God have so many rules?

A lot of people find themselves in a place where they portray God to be this dictator, where He is simply looking down at us as peasants or subjects, waiting to obey His command. It can feel like suffocating in life if you were just waiting on the next order from "the man upstairs". It is important to remember that, not only does God see you as a friend, but he also sees you as family, as his child. When a parent wants the best for his child, he sets up standards and guidelines that will help the child through their life. 


How can I experience God's love, if I've never had a good example?

Throughout life, we are subject to feeling abandoned; whether we have been wronged in our relationships, or even being deprived of having any meaningful, lasting relationships. Through it all, one can find examples of God's pure, unconditional love through His word. In reading the Bible, we see so many different instances where God displayed His love to His people, and in studying His word, we can see so many connections to our own lives as well.


I've prayed for my sick loved one, and God still let them die; how can I trust Him?

There are many times when we pray consistently and fervently for God to answer our prayers, especially when those prayers are for healing. But when our prayers aren't answered, does that classify as a reason not to trust in God? God never says that all of our prayers will be answered; He reminds us that it is important to trust in Him to supply all of our needs, and to provide us with comfort for our sorrows, as well as joy for sadness. Yes, it's true, sadness and sorrow comes, but it is important to remember that God is always there to be a source of comfort.


Does God really answer prayer?

In different instances, we find ourselves praying that God will answer our prayers in a timely manner. But based on what we see in the lives of people that advocate prayer, it can be quite difficult to believe in that system when those prayers don't get answered. What God wants us to know is that when our prayers are not answered, we still need to remain faithful in prayer, not just because we might get our prayers answered later, but also because we are reminded that God is still God in all of our situations, not just when we get what we want.


How can I view God as a father if I don't currently have a relationship with my own father and have no idea of how that looks?

In today's society the role of the father has become so scarce and ultimately rare, especially in communities where socioeconomic status is not as ideal. When we are in situations where we haven't been blessed with the presence of a father or father-figure, it's quite easy to understand how someone can feel like God is not really present as a father. What's important to remember is the many different examples of God being the ultimate father; we need to consider the different stories and circumstances in the Bible where God is being the best father we could ever ask for.


I'm tired of Christians telling me to "just pray about it". Is that the only answer that God gives?

Many times Christians provide answers for typical questions that people have on a regular basis. Often times, that answer is "just pray about it". After a while, that becomes the default answer, and ends up losing its value. It's important to remember that it's not that God doesn't want you to do any work, but you have to ask Him for guidance first. It's better to work with guidance, than to labor in vain.


When we find ourselves with these questions, it is imperative that we bring these questions to light and make sure that we don't ignore what we may be unsure about. Remember that we are all in this Christian walk together, and what's important is that we help and encourage one another on various different subjects.

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