Escaping Reality

Escaping Reality
     The previous post focused mostly on depression. The meaning of it, the symptoms of it, and how important it is to receive help. Some of you are already well aware that you have this mental illness and are taking steps to do your best to care for yourself.

     Unfortunately there are some who have this mental illness and are not properly taking care of themselves. There are many reasons why that could possibly be, such has being financially unstable to the point where the treatment needed is not affordable. However, one of the main reasons why some people go untreated is because of the fact that they are in denial.

     Now there are various reasons to why a person can easily slip into the cracks of mental illness and be diagnosed with depression. Balancing your social life, work life, love life, family life, and your own personal life is already stressful enough. Adding natural disasters and a series of tragic events when a person was already feeling at their worst can cause a serious strain on their mental health.

     However, being in denial can be so much worse and can cause more damage than we think possible. Being in denial only allows people to not be accepting of what reality really is for them at this point in time. Now there are several reasons why a person can be in denial about their mental state such as:

1. They are embarrassed to admit that they have a mental health issue
2. They feel that they do not have a mental health issue at all
3. They treat it as it is just a phase and it will eventually go away
4. They feel like they are strong enough and do not need the help
5. They have a reputation to keep up and having a mental issue may tarnish it
6. They may be well aware that they have a mental health issue but do not think it is a big deal
7. They do not want to burden anyone close to them with their problems
8. They feel like they won't be heard

    To touch more on the last reason listed above, depression is a subject that has not had a lot of awareness for the most part. A person may want to come out and scream it at the top of their lungs that they have depression but feel like they will be judged. They may want to get help but feel like they will get ridiculed for feeling what they feel. They have no validation for the emotions stirring up inside of them and therefore it leads to so much worse, like suicide.

     Being in denial not only allows a person to escape reality, it destroys it while we are not there. It is better to come to terms with reality, it will allow you to take better care of yourself. There is also nothing wrong with having a mental health issue and wanting to seek help for it. Denial can't save us, it only distracts us from the real problem that needs to be addressed. You don't necessarily have to broadcast that you have a mental health issue if you are afraid, but stay true to yourself and care for yourself by allowing someone to help you.

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