Be your Strong Friend’s, Strong Friend

Be your Strong Friend’s, Strong Friend

We’ve all heard about the recent suicide by celebrities Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, both unfortunately successfully ended their life by hanging their selves. This shocked the world and has lead to everyone being more open and sharing more information about how to get help. However, what about those that are among us who we think don’t need help? The one that is always there for us, our strong friends. They are the ones who suffer in silence, who are worried about everyone else and make sure that their friends and family enjoy their life. Meanwhile they are battling their own demons that no one knows about because of the reputation they must uphold of being strong. However, even with your strong friends, there are signs that we all need to look out for that would lead to suicide. 

 So, what are the signs? Below are only a few signs that we need to notice, so we can help our strong friends and family.

  1. This friend starts to become distant. 
  2. There is less communication out of nowhere.
  3. They leave subtle hints of suicidal thoughts 
  4. They show any signs of depression and anxiety 

Once the signs are noticed, what’s next? Those of us who have never been through this personally or even with a loved one, may not know what to do. Here is what we can do after the warning signs are seen. 

  1. If you see something, say something.
  2. Get others involved that are close to that person.
  3. Don’t wait for them to ask for help.
  4. Don’t be afraid to confront their actions “I’m okay.”
  5. Be accountable for that person and be their crutch.  

Kate Spate battled her suicidal thoughts for 5 years and when she committed suicide, it still shocked not only the world, but her family as well. The night before this act, she seemed perfectly okay. Unfortunately, this is such a normal act, for the person suffering to say that they are okay, but they are not. It is up to all of us to try and be great friends and to be there when necessary. If you had someone in mind while reading this article, text them or call them. You could possible save a life. 

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