5 Ways To Maintain Your Self-Worth

5 Ways To Maintain Your Self-Worth

One thing we all learn in life at some point, is the importance of healthy relationships. Whether it is a platonic relationship or a relationship with intimacy, it is important that it is healthy to you because it is crucial to your self-worth. We’ve all heard that we let others treat us how we want to be treated. In a relationship, if you let a person treat you like an option instead of a priority, then that means you don’t see yourself as a priory. If you let a friend completely take advantage of your kindness and generosity, it only shows that they don’t appreciate you as a person. It can also possibly show that you may not appreciate yourself.

For example, unfortunately, some people are in domestic violent relationships. We always hear the details and how the man or women expressively belittles their partner to gain power. In the process of that, the person eventually starts to believe that they are the nasty words they are being called and the cruel adjectives that are used to describe them.

What is the problem?

  1. A person may form unhealthy relationships because that’s all that they have been taught whether it is through words or actions. Sometimes a person can be emotionally stuck in a relationship because it is all that a person knows.
  2. Being in a toxic relationship is also very toxic to the oneself. All it does it destroy the love you have for yourself.
  3. It can put a person in a bad state of mind and can lead to depression and even anxiety.

What can you do?

  1. Please notice that signs of an unhealthy relationship and do what is best for your wellbeing.
  2. Remember to put yourself first.
  3. Remind yourself everyday of who you are and how special you are to not only your family and friends, but to the world.
  4. If you realize that you have a toxic relationship with a friend or significant other, take the first step of loving yourself enough to end it.
  5. If you know someone in an unhealthy relationship, speak up.


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