ūüí™ You're not crazy for being a believer...

ūüí™ You're not crazy for being a believer...

Hey there Family,

I'm feeling extra blessed today, I hope you won't hold it against me.

So I was out with my family and I stopped at the convenience store to get a quick snack. While I'm waiting on line, this gentlemen came up to me to compliment me on my Real Men Worship the Lord Unashamed shirt, which is my favorite Christlife Shirt. He also told me that he loved seeing people representing Jesus with so much boldness.

Do you ever hear that one statement that changes the way you think about things?


It made me think about how we don't see enough open representation of our faith anymore because everyone wants to be politically correct. 


So like any good brother in Christ, I had to share it with you.


Because, when you discover something so impactful, who else would you share it with other than your awesome community, right?


OK so here is my ah-ha moment....


We can't afford to dim our light just to make the people around us feel comfortable.


What does that mean?


It means, it's time to be bold enough to stand out in a world that's quick to condemn & silence believers. Trust me, most will think your crazy, you're faithfully following a God that no one can see or touch, based off of a book written by man but inspired by God.

BUT, You’re not crazy at all, you're brave when you’re Unashamed to stand for Jesus despite what people think.


So here it is, if you feel like you haven't been as bold about being a believer as you would like to be, then I want you to reintroduce yourself to your friends and family but this time let them know that you are a believer in Jesus Christ and unashamed about it.


Remember that not everyone will understand or support you but it's ok, they didn't like Jesus either lol.  

Well, that was my rant for the day!

Now, go to work on living unashamed and being bold about it.


Be Blessed,

The Team at ChristLife


P.S. The Real Men shirt that the gentleman¬†complimented¬†me on is actually¬†available¬†ūüėä CLICK HERE


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