ūü§Ē How to preach the gospel with truth while displaying love‚Ķ

ūü§Ē How to preach the gospel with truth while displaying love‚Ķ

Hey Fam,

In my opinion, sometimes we as believers don't display enough love and humility when trying to win souls to Christ, which is super important.


We want people to build a loving relationship with Jesus for themselves but guilting them or beating them over the head with condemnation isn't the way to do it.

Don't get me wrong, the tough love approach can work for some, but not everyone is receptive to that style of preaching especially if they didn't have a prior relationship with you to be able to know your heart and intentions.


We are not trying to take away from the truth of the Gospel at all, but instead I want to give a different prospective on how we can package the delivery of this message without losing its impact.

So here are a few key things to consider when taking about How to preach the gospel with truth & authority while displaying love and humility… 

1) Create conversations, not debates

We can disagree but still be respectful on how we disagree. Problem is, when we start to debate with people, we tend to hear-to-respond instead of listening-to-understand which is a BIG difference. But in a conversation, people take the time to understand each others point of view. It doesn't mean they will agree, but at least you won't leave a bad taste in anyone's mouth by arguing and wanting to be right. (Pride never wins)

2) Relate to them by sharing a testimony that they can resonate with

People are much more open to those they can relate to. Sometimes, without realizing it, we can give off a vibe that says "we have it all together" just because we have confidence in who we serve and might not approach situations the same way they might be use to. It's our job to let them understand that we don't have it all together, and that we have had experiences just like theirs. Only difference is that with Jesus in your life, you were able to handle it differently. Remind them that you are human!

3) Meet them where they are

Remember, we are all the same people, just at different points in our lives and in our walk.‚Äč ¬†Although we should¬†definitely preach about the truth of hell and the¬†consequences of living in sin, this can't be our starting point. We want people to obey and live for God out of LOVE, not FEAR. That level of worship that comes from love just hits different.

As long as we can find ways to use these steps in our daily interactions, we can impact so many more people and win them to Christ because of what He did for us on the cross, not only because they fear hell.

Hope this helps,

The Team at ChristLife

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